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Major Grants

As Foundation assets grow, our Board of Directors have occasionally awarded funds for “major grants” which have a long-term economic or quality of life impact on the Floyd County community. The first such grant was in 2002 -- a $20,000,000 commitment over 20 years -- to the Scribner Place YMCA & Aquatic Center.

Grant Program Categories

Arts and Culture

to include the support of programs and facilities which are designed to establish a diversified cultural program that offers wide-spread opportunities for participation and appreciation


to include support for programs in pre-school, elementary and secondary education, post-secondary education, and for special education programs

Health and Medical

to include the support of health and medical-related programs

Community Development

to support projects and programs related to community infrastructure improvements, public safety, economic development, housing, historic preservation, citizen involvement, civic leadership training, and other general community activities

Human Services

to include the support of human service related programs in the areas of children and youth, senior citizens, disadvantaged populations, etc.

Grant Deadlines

Rolling Deadline

Policies and Guidelines

Apply for a grant

A major grant is defined by the Board as one which:

  • has a larger impact on the Floyd County community than grants submitted in annual spring and fall cycles;

  • exceeds the normal $25,000 limit; and

  • is not limited to the annual grant cycle time line.

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